10 organizations you don’t want to miss out in UTD

Okey Dokey! Here comes to my third blog post! UTD, whoosh!

After I post last two blogs, some students told me that, how can I go outside the campus without knowing anything, especially we don’t have car. No worry guys. Today I will show you some interesting organizations on campus. Now, you don’t have excuse not to attend event, right? I am just kidding. Actually, my point is — don’t be the academic ‘geek’, check out my list and make full use of your school days!

Naveen Jindal School of Management, Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship Club is the UTD chapter of Dallas start-up communities! It contains the mission to foster and grow the innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit at school. Nice organized event, nice speaker and most important, yummy food!

President Emiola O. Banwo is a student entrepreneur. He stands in the sweet spot of intersection of business, engineer and design.

Naveen Jindal School of Management,Toast Master

Toast Master, of course, is the place to practice your public skill. But Toast Master is definitely not only for that, they has prepared you to become a business leader. Before I join the club, I felt confident with my public speaking, however, after giving first speech, I realized there is long way to go, to become an expert presenter, and most importantly, the business leader. (There are only 6–7 students pass the final menu for competent leadership menu in UTD toast master history)If you are the one ambitious to do something in the business world, Toast Master undoubtedly is the group you should join.

Naveen Jindal School of Management, AMA

AMA is the organization that every marketer should join. This club actively bring amazing workshops to students. Thanks to their effort, I got to reach out my first step to know marketing industry. Go find it and put it into your Google Calendar.


You all hear about TED, but did you know we also have a UTD chapter of TED talk?’TEDxUTD is all about providing enlightenment for the student of UTD as well as spreading our ideas from the community to the world through our TEDx YouTube’ videos’, Srikant ‘Cheenu’ R. Chari said, ‘ If you have not yet check our event yet, making sure you follow TEDxUTD Facebook page and register our next spring talk in Dallas!! (Oh, volunteers are welcome too!)

Arts and Technology, UX Group

UX group gets a lot support from Dallas UX communities. They are one of the most organized and interesting club in UTD. Not only holding frequent events, they also introduce different outside school events. I especially love the creative and educational environment they create for the meeting, and I recommend those who want to build user friend website or customer experience strategy, go check this group right now.

Arts and Technology, Distinguished Lecture Series

I love art, especially the integration with art and technology. This is the reason I love the distinguished lecture series held by Arts and Technology school. Just $5 dollar, you can get your first idea of the world of Art and Technology. Welcome!

Computer Science, Outreach program

Yes, this program is targeting those non-CS major students. Don’t worry about you have zero background in coding, or you feel too old to begin programming, this club opens to everyone. They will regularly hold programming workshop and coding camp, helping you learn basic coding from the group up. From they help, I got to learn the basic Java coding, hit topic of ‘Big Data’. If you are non-IT student, pursuing to get your hand dirty in programming world. This is the program you want to join. Also, if you just want to join the club but not attend class, there are also listing lots of programming clubs in the website. Pick one if you are interested.

Computer Science, ACM_UTD

I just hear about this organization recently. But students from computer science all recommend me to look up this club. I would suggest students to register their email lists to get notice for formal CS events and summits. If you are especially interested in Hackathon, you might also want to check Hack_UTD, which is one of the event host by ACM_UTD.

Computer Science, HackersUTD

There is also another club called HackersUTD, which is a club focused in participation in hackathons.

UTD, Comet Calendar

When I have free time, I will choose to check daily Comet Calendar to search interesting events! No matter what fields you are interested in — film lover, music pursuer, social enthusiast — you can always find the one you love without getting out of campus.

ISSO website and weekly emails

For those who the new fresh in 2014 fall or 2015 spring. ISSO weekly emails campaign will be your best choice to learn more about Dallas. I remember when the time just came to Dallas — no car and no friends. Without the warm welcome from ISSO, I can not get the chance to visit Perot Museum of Nature and Science and make international new friends.

OSV, Student Volunteerism

For those who full of mercy and empathy. Student volunteerism is the organization you should check out. Attending this events, you can understand how the business operating in charity organization and why helping others and doing volunteer job are that much important in America.

UTD, Orgsync

One last thing, if you want to learn more about each organizations in UTD. Go check Orgsync. This is the webpage include all the information you need to know for all the organizations in UTD. Make sure you register your interested clubs and get the notification emails.

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