THE events all international students should check out

 THE events all international students should check out
THE events all international students should check out

Hi, everyone. It’s Jodi here. Recently, I was asked frequently to recommend interesting and educational local marketing events. Well, that’s quite a lot!

As a marketing events-aholic and super fans of start-up communities. I have kept actively involved in different Dallas events. As we all known, It’s quite a challenge for international student (especially for Chinese students) to step out their comfort zone, explore the outside school activities and build up their network resources. I can not agree more about the importance of attending different events — for those who want to secure opportunity in Unite States. It’s time to take action.

This article written below will show my preference for Dallas Marketing and Start-up events. I select these events based on three requirements:

  1. Close to UTD campus
  2. Free to low entry fee
  3. Interactive and innovative learning environment

If above are also your requirement for finding the local events, you should definitely check this out.

No 1. Nod, Startup Marketing Hacks

It’s the first time I realize the impact of attending social events after I jumped into nod co-working space. The first event I joined was social media hacks (Strongly recommend, Now became the name startup marketing hacks.)This co-working will make you feel just as comfortable as in small class. No big screen, no straight speech, and all you have are close discussion and interaction. Also, speaker will teach you hands-on social media skills, like actively usage of hashtag, Twitter advanced search and creating loop within your social media platforms. In here, I have met my current good friendsChirag and Ali .

Other recommend events in Nod:

Code collective, SEO Office Hours w/ Heroic Search and regular guest speech

Other Co-Working space in Dallas: There are other interesting co-working space communities in Dallas as well, check it out in a regular base!
TreeHouse, The DEC, The Grove, Common Desk, Dallas Fort Work and Alto 211

No 2. MeetupBigDOCC

BigDOCC is a weekly tech chat over coffee and pastries! Just 10 mins away from UTD campus. It talks everything you can image or even you can not image about the latest technology. People are super nice and smart here. You can learn ‘American style discussion’, what’s more, keep improve your English speaking and listening ( I’m still not 100% understand all the topics yet!) Moderator Michael is a veteran entrepreneur in Dallas area, guaranteeing the quality of the meeting!

Michael is also the co-founder of LaunchDFW (I will mention in the later part) and co-organizer in Dallas Startup Week , both of two organizations you should definitely go!

No. 3 Meetup, Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO/SEM Meetup

The great place to learn digital marketing and social media. Speakers and organizers are all the marketing super star in Dallas area. I have almost participated in every events since last August. The topics were quite high-level and interesting. I strongly recommend this meetup and I am sure I’ve learned almost as much as I could in school. I also encourage students to check out other clubs in local Meetups, and I promise you will find your best love.

No. 4 Meetup, Dallas User Experience Group

You must wonder, why you recommend us UX and the technology events. From my view point, I strongly degree to build yourself into a ‘T’ guy. You go deep into one field ( for me, digital marketing!), and develop other relevant knowledge to increase your competence. From my point, to join UX and startup communities is a great way for me to build my ‘T’ skill shape!

I can not find any other reasons do not love this meet-ups. I don’t have any background in UX, but I can feel the support and help from the UX communities. From here, I have got to know the basic UX concept and put it into my marketing world.

Dallas User Experience Group also build their partnership with UTD Art and Technology school and UX group (mention later). Organizer Brian is an experience UX professional. He is not only the co-founder for Big Design conference and different local UX meetups, but also frequently give speech in local co-working space.

No. 5 LaunchDFW, Startup Happy hour

It’s THE place every start-ups should join! I especially enjoy the monthly startup happy hour, the place you can listen the innovative business model and smart people. I have witnessed the growing of Dallas startup ecosystem, and It’s my honor to be one part of it. No more word to admire this club, just stop by and have a visit.

No. 6 Meetup, Dallas/Fort Worth WordPress Group

Having a functional WordPress site is vital part of your digital marketing plan. This is the reason I came to this Meetup. I learned how to build up my personal WordPress site, and the tips and tricks for using social plug-ins.

No. 7 Meetup, DFW Social Media Marketing

Another great digital marketing events. The topics cover popular Pinterest, Google Analytics and Klout. This Meetup was held in Improving Enterprises (the same place as WordPress Meetup and Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO/SEM Meetup). You should not miss this wonderful opportunity to learn new things.

No. 8 DFW AMA, Meet & Greet

I will sometimes attend Meet & Greet to chat with local marketers. It’s a great chance to network professionals. They also offer more high-level luncheon with big companies executives. However, the entry-fee for these events are higher than my budget, and I did not get many chance to attend.

Others DFW Digital Marketing Associations & Major Events:

AAF Dallas, Digital Analytics Association, Digital Dallas, DFW Interactive Marketing Association

That’s it! If you have any other great recommendations, please feel free to contact, or follow @zhaodi liu at any social media platforms. I will write my second blog about the recommendation lists for UTD on campus events. Please looking forward it!

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