How to get into ‘top’ events for free

How to get into ‘top’ events for free
How to get into ‘top’ events for free

Wow! I just cannot image how powerful the blogging is!

I had planned on writing my second blog recommending UTD events. But…. I just got exciting comments from Cameron Gallucci and felt it might be a loss if just put a small piece into to the second one. So, guess what, I determined to write a whole new blog about it!

What if we want to go to the events that charge hundred bucks? How to get into it for ‘free? Cameron Gallucci (Check Gameron’s Refresh websiteandFacebook page in here) came up a great idea — be their Volunteer! How can we ever possibly forget this amazing way to get entry?

Volunteers get free tickets, recognition from their elders, & a little bit of free insight in exchange for their time. ’ Camerson emphasized the benefits of volunteer work. I can not agree more with that, I used to get my first chance to learn UX after I did the volunteer assistant job for Carri Craver.

So, tips to approach the ‘important’ events:

  1. Of course, go to the meetups and find the one you love
  2. Get to know who are the organizers
  3. Don’t be shy. Chatting and ‘bugging’ them!

Cameron mentioned, ‘It all begins with involvement.’ Yes, it is 100% true. I still strongly remembered the embarrassing experience when the first time I attended AMA DFW event. I totally stuck there, except for saying ‘how are you.’ However, things got much better after several times, at least I knew what is about ‘small talk.’ It did all about practice and involvement. Show your love and commitment to your communities, and they will give back to you some day.

Here are the important give away for today blog: Begin your involvement, Show your enthusiasm and Do it, Do it and Do it!

I think this the end of the blog. Please don’t hesitate to share your experience in ‘volunteering’, and your first time to approach local communities. I love to hear your stories! BTW, Camerson promised to give a warm hug to anyone who first time attend their meetup event on Feb 12 Refresh Dallas meeting.

Please please please give me any thoughts about the blog: you love it or not, want more detail, or any interesting topics want me to write about. Again, please feel free to contact me at, or pin @zhaodi liuat any social media platforms. Your thoughts mean so much to me. I talk to you soon!

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