What every HR miss out to consider a perfect candidate

Her/his love for your industry

The decisive component of selecting a perfect candidate is — of course, their Love. Wait a minute, you might ask. How could ever possible I know that? Well, with the help of Internet, It is not hard to find one footprint in social media. Let’s have some broad understand of how much she/he talk about your industry. I love the world in digital marketing. So if you search my name Zhaodi Liu on internet, you can see my words spread all over the places.

Potential to grow and learn

The potential depend on how much she/he love their role and the ambition to grow. See what her/his topic about their role. Whether she express her feeling about the industry, did she also learn other skills related to the role? Did she go deep into the topic and discuss it? Can you feel her emotional push towards this area? Did she have expanded the view of world? If she did, even she don’t have that much experience in the current stage, you should give her an opportunity to try. Definitely!

Reputation among peer

A great candidate not only can deal with individual work but also teamwork. Checking how her colleges and classmate talk about her. The one do well in the team project might be the next leader in your company. The opinion from her peer is the best way to understand her attitude, giving you the same clue in workplace as well.

IQ, of course, the most important, EQ as well

Premium university education and high GPA will guarantee the quality of your candidate. But it should not be the prior consideration of the recruiting process. Like we discussed above — her love, ambition and reputation are also important for any position. Also, EQ separate the most successful workers and leaders from the average. You don’t want to hire someone who is the superstar for individual work, but screw up when deal with other issues in the workplace. How to test that? Well, it is quite intangible and not easy to identify. I suggest HR to set up some obstacle and urgency situation during the hiring process, letting your candidate show their 360-degree perspective behind you.

Her/his attitude towards life

You confused, what is your candidate attitude towards life dealing with her success to get the job? Well, from my understanding, the attitude is quite important. As every company has its short-term and long-term strategy, investing to those candidates who have positive and optimistic attitude life will guarantee her love and emotional push towards excellent are not just a fad. Even she might change her focus during the career, but she would also find her right track on the road. Do some research for their social footprint and ask specific questions during the interview will give you an idea how your candidate understand their life.

Did you design a user-friendly applying process for those who love your company?

From my perspective, I have experienced different disappointing application process, or example, continuously tedious steps, unnecessary questions, and complicated processes. I cannot remember how many times I quit before I fulfill the processes, how many times I click the submit buttons but still not works. I cannot image those companies who, help their clients to create great customer experience, did not help employees create better application process. You need to know what your candidates look like, what they are looking for and what parts you think will most attractive to them. Understanding above questions will give you confidence to design your user-friendly process, even before the interview.

Did you nurture a creative environment for them?

You want your candidate to be creative, hard-working and passionate. But did you think about did your company create an inspiring environment for them? During these years, we have seen the growing of freelancer and entrepreneurs; the people are not meet work for the others or even big company. They want to build their team, product and company. How your company compete with this tendency and hire these most genius guys to your company? You must think about this question.

I know, I know your budget, but please don’t limit your candidate pool in your area

Most of the time, recruiter said, ‘Sorry, we will not consider the candidate outside our city’, or ‘Sorry, we will not support your relocation expense’. I cannot stop thinking, If you want to hire a full start in your future team, how can you limit your target to your cities? How can you not support those who need the expense to move or on-site interview? (to be honest, just tiny percentage of salary) To stand in their shoes, candidates all want to find the perfect job that suit them among the United States, how could they determine to move into your cities before knowing which positions are their best love?

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