Why is HackDFW — Interview with HackDFW.com Founder Adil (1)

Why is HackDFW
Why is HackDFW

Hi everyone, you are now listening Jodi show — The place you want to know everything about international students and Dallas. Today I have the privilege to interview Adil, one of the co-founders of HackDFW, the first student Hackathon in DFW area.

Zhaodi: Thanks for coming Adil, could you tell me more about yourself?

Adil: Sure, My name is Adil. I am a M.S Computer Science student. Also, I work forSabre as a software developer. I have been involved in Hackathons off-and-on for several years now. However, I got more involved and active in the Hackathon community in the past six months.

Zhaodi: I heard you talking about you almost went to around 20 different Hackathons in United States, so tell me more about that.

Adil: Not exactly, I’ve been to several, but our club has had the opportunity to send UTD students to over 20 Hackathons in the past six months. To be specific, we have organized student community — UTD Hackers, which is the club at UT Dallas. What we really do for this club is bring students together and raise awareness and release information about Hackathons happening throughout the US. This past semester, we sent students to top engineering schools such as Princeton University, MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, and Michigan. Almost every major engineering university has been running these large-scale Hackathons.This past semester we organized groups to attend regional, such as at the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M. We also had a group of students attends Money 20/20 Hackathon in Las Vegas. Some student go to more and some less, but all-in-all, we probably went to around 20–25 Hackathon in the last six months with our active club members.

Zhaodi: Did all the student can go to this Hackathon? Or did they need to charge something?

Adil: Completely free. Pretty much, all the expenses are covered by either the organizing Hackathon or by our UTD ECS department. For example, we had seven students that went to the University of Michigan two weeks ago. Michigan University reimbursed three of them, and our Engineering and Computer Science Department reimbursed the rest of four. The benefits of joining our club is that we have a community of Hackathoners, which can push each other and help our school get out to more events. I am pushing student to join this club, so they are together and work together. Multiple voices together resound much louder than one or two people.

Zhaodi: OK, Adil. Tell me how you came up with the idea to build the first student Hackathon in Dallas area.

Adil: Sure, that’s coming from as the result of all the Hackathon I have been attending. I and all these other UTD students have been attending multiple hackathons, as I mentioned. I remember one particular Hackathon where 150 of the attendees were Dallas students, there is obviously a large demand for Hackathons in the Dallas area. There already are several smaller-corporate Hackathons in Dallas, such as the Sabre Dev Studios Hackathon, AT&T Foundry’s Hackathons, and even more. However, with the large demand in the Dallas-area from students, it just made sense to do a large-scale collegiate hackathon. We brought together students from all the major DFW schools: SMU, UNT, UT, UTA, you name it, they’re coming to HackDFW.

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